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Terrific Twos PackTerrific Twos

Here are the answers to CodyCross Terrific Twos Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Portable paper packet of fire starters.

Separated tights that come in pairs.

Snow tumbling dangerously down a mountain.

Heavy-duty farm pony.

Milky coffee with fluffy white stuff on top.

How the duo Felix and Oscar were described.

Author of the Harry Potter books.

Way of deciding who goes first, __ scissors.

Muscle of the rear thigh, between knee and hip.

Image manipulation software from Adobe.

Puzzle 2

Temperature scale previously known as centigrade.

What is as good as it seems beforehand.

This eight-armed animal has three hearts.

Shirley's roommate in US sitcom title.

Cooked lightly, like a single slice of bread.

Ariel, the little half-fish, half-person.

Quantities, sums.

Got on a plane.

Doctor who checks teeth and fills cavities.

Family name of Homer and Marge.

Bob Marley's homeland.

Batter disk that goes great with syrup.

Person who sees a crime and gives evidence.

Puzzle 3

Positioned between first and third.

Two of these do not make a right.

This Doodle went to town, riding on a pony.

Sausage in a bun with onions, ketchup, mustard.

__ arms, heraldic shield on a wall.

Relatively light item of outdoor clothing.

Robin was this superhero's sidekick.

Dark purple at the end of a rainbow.

Devices that beep when restaurant table is ready.

Use this to hang papers, menus on fridges.

Rubbed out pencil marks.

Rapunzel lived at the top of one of these.

Medical workers who assist doctors.

Puzzle 4

Really cool, fantastic.

Use it before conditioner on hair.

Libra is celebrated in this month.

Exercise session, training.

The fastest land animal in the world.

Stefano, who designed with Domenico Dolce.

Lovey-dovey movie genre.

Rumbly sound that goes with lightning.

Embalm and preserve in Ancient Egyptian style.

Trivial __, question and answer board game.

Part of the body between the wrist and the elbow.

Public seating with wooden slats.

Puzzle 5

Arrangements of products for customers to view.

Butch Cassidy ended his days with this kid.

People held for ransom.

Hairs near a cat's nose.

Two-wheeled transport powered by pedals.

Outdoor aviation stunt spectacles.

Scientist who espoused the theory of relativity.

Type of pasta served with a cheese sauce.

Internet __, or IoT, network of connected devices.

Without any large, tall vegetation.

Puzzle 6

Two holes in a nose.

Giant ape stars in famous movie.

Christmas sock filled with gifts.

Something that happens every two weeks.

Supplements sold in health stores.

Decorating with a brush and pot.

Small fish popular in ponds and aquariums.

It goes with love, according to the Sinatra song.

It checks for carbon monoxide.

Stimulant removed from decaf tea and coffee.

Puzzle 7

A matador takes part in one.

Slang name for a pair of ones on dice.

Vehicle that uses traditional fuel and electricity.

Title of the wife of a US president.

Glass screw-in source of illumination.

The home of Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Kermit's partner and love interest.

Study of countries and landforms.

Comes between seventieth and ninetieth.

Psychiatrist or psychologist.

Puzzle 8

Storage for novels.

Island that is partnered with Tobago.

Foreign students stay with host __ on their trip.

Small white puckered object for a hole-in-one.

Extra money charged on top of an original loan.

Medieval religious wars.

HRH: His or Her Royal __.

Turn it __, instruction to fix a computer.

Fuzzy warmers for hearing organs.

Cooking of a steak: rare, medium or __.

Doctors may give one for a specialist.

Errors, inaccuracies.

Puzzle 9

__ when you're having fun; set phrase.

Tennis venue that serves strawberries and cream.

Instructed an orchestra.

Moving cards around in a playing card deck.

Relics, ancient objects.

Sweet treat shaped like a wriggly garden insect.

It goes with Pride according to Jane Austen.

Very attractive.

A rotating storm with very strong winds.

Air __, artificial scents to dispel bad smells.

Puzzle 10

__ relaxation for a chilled-out R&R time.

Conversation or small talk.


Buy extras of these in case one falls off a shirt.

Houses for kings and queens.

Citrus fruits named after their hue perhaps.

Pencils with different levels of hardness.

Enclosed in paper, as a gift.

Places to keep clothes at the gym.

Horn played by Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis.

Along with stars these make up the American flag.

These include daisies, roses, pansies.

__ Electric, conglomerate known as GE.

Puzzle 11

Tennis bat that people often store in garages.

Nation where the French language originated.

Not junior.

Device that's a source of warmth in a room.

Add this to bread for the fundamentals.

Magazines with cartoon strips, sold to children.

Instruments with black keys made of ebony.

Gas produced by plants in photosynthesis.

Not fastened.

Lose your __; get angry, become enraged.

Eeyore is one in the Winne the Pooh stories.

Quebec and Newfoundland are states of this country.

Plastic piece that goes on the end of a piping bag.

Male partner of a female goose.

Put money into.

Puzzle 12

Nationality of someone from Cairo or Luxor.

Feeling light-headed and passing out.

Table tennis.

__ and entering, forcing entry to a property.

Wearing down by abrasion, like coffee beans.

The grabby text at the top of a news story.

Farm for grapes.

Give this emotion with a cup of tea.

Wall hanging with a page for each month.

Financial loan for property purchases.

Puzzle 13

Farm animals.

Singer whose hits include Daniel and Rocket Man.

Trip taken after a wedding.

A keen astronomer might buy this observation tool.

UK holiday accommodation, bed and __.

Come to live in a different country.

Closest relative contacted in case of emergency.

Short-term light source in a thin plastic tube.

This pair are used to keep shirt sleeves together.

Liquid bought to freshen one's breath.

Puzzle 14

Traveling to see friends or family.

This pair stops novels falling of a shelf.

Birds that have them flock together.

Performers love the sound of this from an audience.

Fair and even salaries for males and females.

Said by a boxing commentator at the start of bouts.

A large area with forests.

Two slices of bread with a filling in between.

Da Vinci; the blue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Talking on Twitter.

Killed unlawfully.

Scalp flakes.

Puzzle 15

Breathe in.

Female royal rulers paired with kings.

Like a drink that is not stirred, per James Bond.

Medal winners' platform.

Granny Smith and Golden Delicious, for example.

__ B. Goode, a Chuck Berry hit single of 1958.

Landscapers use this to move leaves.

A tea light is a small foil-wrapped one.

A tricycle has three.

Accompanies hugs amongst lovers.

Puzzle 16

Put coins in this machine to play songs.

Herb commonly added as a pizza topping.

Famous British ship that wrecked in 1912.

Sport of bows, arrows and ring targets.

Where students have to hang out most of the year.

Comfortable sofas to snuggle on.

Try out these portable computers in a store.

Circle around the Earth, midway between the Poles.

It's __ cats and dogs, describes very wet weather.

__ on the Roof, Broadway musical and film.

Sudden big drop in a stock's value.

To care for and encourage development.


Requests to attend a party.

Giant beaten by David in the biblical story.

C in Roman numerals.

The organ that stores urine.

Puzzle 17

As said in Snow White: "Magic __ on the wall".

Banish from a country.

Capital city of Germany.

Vendor who does business with buyers.

Book a restful stay at these inns.

Shoe width for skinny feet.

Goes great with crackers.

Central parts of trees that branches grow from.

Baked dough circles topped with tomato, toppings.

Hand to arm joints.

Two hand warmers with fingers.

To become overrun with pests or disease.

Puzzle 18

Occupation of Super Mario brothers Luigi and Mario.

You might paint all ten of these on your feet.

__ and carry on, WWII poster slogan.

Person who writes music.

Disney classic, __ and Broomsticks.

Vessel that travels the skies.

Pencil or pen used to surround the lash lines.

Yellow flowers with characteristic petal trumpets.

Business incomes.

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets __".

The art of blending drinks.

With the most wintery weather.

Puzzle 19

Book written about a person's life.

This Buzz became Woody's best friend.

Occurring, taking place.

Message system with dots and dashes.

Outdoor game with guns firing what artists use.

Paul Simon's musical partner, Art __.

Apple's best-known founder.

Sea in which Cuba and Puerto Rico lie.

Schedule and plan of things to do on a day trip.

Squishy, often clear sea creatures that can sting.

Puzzle 20

Climbing aid with rungs.

And hell, two extremes of an afterlife.

Using wings to travel through the air.

This type of ship is central to The Goonies movie.

Remote-controlled flying robots.

A black widow or redback, for instance.

One of Cleopatra's lovers and a Shakespeare play.

Pungent bulb used to add taste to cooking.

Desert hallucination.

Past tense of teach.

To turn something around on an axis.

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