CodyCross Batteries Needed Pack answers

Batteries Needed PackBatteries Needed

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Puzzle 1

Passage between rooms.

Measurement of electric potential in a battery.

Glass ball toys that can roll through a maze.

Moves from side to side like a jelly.

Swayze, Stewart and Dempsey.

When roasted, these small round pulses are crisp.

Battery-powered weather __, gives a home forecast.

Usain Bolt was born on this island.

Resembling a deity.

The female protagonist in The Hunger Games.

Puzzle 2

A decorative metal band worn around the biceps.

Add batteries to electrify these land barriers.

Preserved salmon for bagels and cream cheese.

The __ Rouge, famous club in the north of Paris.

Apple music store for selling songs.

You can keep your toothbrush in this tall glass.

Stephenson's early steam locomotive; spacecraft.

Some of these spherical maps light up.

This may push against teeth when eating, speaking.

A witch's brew, perhaps.

__ dioxide, gas with the chemical formula CO2.

Slow-moving animals that often hang upside down.

Arthur, playwright of The Crucible.

Puzzle 3

Greeting cards, songs, cake wish you a Happy __.

Mountain transport on high, seen at theme parks.

Bunches in hair.

Model flying device that is remote controlled.

Periods of time before noon.

Fast runner.

Singer who starred in remake of A Star Is Born.

Japanese term for aviation suicide attacks.

Danish or French sweet treats, e.g. croissants.

Shape of AA, AAA batteries.

Puzzle 4

Holiday celebrated every October 31st.

City with 70 different Hebrew names.

Wrinkles around the eyes.

Picture books have fewer of these than novels do.

Person who creates online talk shows.

I Want to __, Queen hit with vacuuming video.

Small, slim, salted fish, good on pizza.

Pendants worn at the throat.

Inquisitiveness that killed the cat.

Children read it and hear tunes.

Wooden baton traditionally used by the police.

To lose body liquid.

School subject about the world and places.

He plays Luther on TV, Heimdall in Marvel films.

Tables, chairs, beds and bookcases.

Shiny sword raised by the Lady of the Lake.

Promote to increase sales or attendance.

Cyclists use one to illuminate the way.

Puzzle 5

Track __, another name for athletics.

The opposite end to positive on a battery.

The galaxy in which the Earth is found.

In business, this can be hostile.

Flat, oily Italian bread, texture of pizza dough.

Lenses worn directly on the eyes to improve vision.

J.D. __, reclusive American author.

Pre-arranged meet-up with your child's friend.

Batteries that last.

Collapsible device used for weather protection.

Tuneful tweets from feathered friends.

Puzzle 6

Austrian city, a two-time Winter Olympic venue.

Battery-operated lights used at this festive time.

"Float like a __, sting like a bee".

Whoopi Goldberg hides in a convent in this film.

Adjective to describe something very yummy.

Avocado dip.

Vehicle that uses traditional fuel and electricity.

Last word in chess.

Teacher with tenure at a university or college.

Single lounge seats with upper body support.

Puzzle 7

Road in New York famous for shows and musicals.

Mythical equines with a horn.

Two slices of bread with filling.

It disperses the scent of essential oils.

Shops keep money in the cash __.

Strength contest where teams pull on a rope.

Jumbo jets are named after one of these animals.

What a shake-awake electric alarm clock does.

Party dresses feature these ruffles.

Delivered a sermon.

Puzzle 8

Small, insulated box for keeping drinks chilled.

Large dwelling Elsa made out of ice.

Buddhist religious building for contemplation.

Sweet substance that attracts bees to flowers.

An antiquated era; of the past.

Walked lopsided.

Nintendo __, hybrid console for home or on the go.

It could be sash, stained-glass or double glazed.

Imagined while sleeping.

Continent where you can hike in the Alps.

Counting frame with wooden beads.

Emily, author of Wuthering Heights.

Metal container that cocktails are mixed in.

Use these to check a guitar plays the right notes.

Puzzle 9

Crockery for a hard-boiled breakfast food.

When someone's salary reaches their bank account.

Ad hoc style of antics performed by actors.

Justice __ with Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck.

Desert plant with spikes.

Waterproof jacket with a hood.

Venus Williams is a famous name in this sport.

Device that gives drivers directions.

Fragrant bulb often split into cloves for cooking.

Blame it on the __, The Jacksons' dancefloor hit.

Greek pillar on a building.

The broad bony structure that forms the hips.

Country whose capital is Athens.

A lit-up one makes it easier to apply cosmetics.

Puzzle 10

No smells, no allergies from this type of product.

__ for poorer.

Stripy insects critical to pollinating plants.

Add batteries to this to easily pop open bottles.

Circus performer who can lift immense weight.

Yellow path to Oz followed by Dorothy.

Ladies and __, formal way to address a group.

One of seven major land masses on Earth.

Gadget that counts a person's steps.

A company's staff, workers.

The bones that make up the spinal column.

Puzzle 11

Someone who sees the future.

Thin tubes for sucking drinks through.

These digital items display photos in a sequence.

Agatha Christie's old lady sleuth.

Metal necklaces made of links.

The names or logos of businesses.

What makes one's stomach growl.

Sewing tool that gets lost in a haystack.

Nationality of composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

These female foxes have rust-orange fur.

Half of one half of one half.

Foods with Kalamata and Mission types.

They ping when dinner is ready or baking is done.

Watching someone covertly.

Puzzle 12

Angel who visited Mary before the birth of Jesus.

Use this to charge a battery.

Cupboard with doors and shelves.

Illegal drive taken for fun in a stolen car.

Brass instrument, also the shape of some blossoms.

Sixty of these equal one minute.

Duracell pink animals that keep on going.

Ocean on which Mexico's west coast stands.

Fabric from which traditional lederhosen are made.

Spectacle for one eye only.

Lewis, author of the Alice in Wonderland stories.

Puzzle 13

Sharp weapons used by knights, musketeers.

Baby cat.

Remote-controlled pilotless mini aircraft.

__ Call Saul, legal spin-off of Breaking Bad.

Small closed space for storage.

Sleeping disruption caused by long-distance travel.

Middle Eastern country, home to Jerusalem.

At the back of a ship.

He is Shakespeare's Prince of Denmark.

Very cold, unable to move, __ with fear.

Carve a statue.

This checks if batteries have power.

Swiss dairy product with holes.

Puzzle 14

Joints that connect fingers to hands.

What you might call a guy instead of beautiful.

__ Pie, raunchy coming-of-age comedy.

Olympic discipline for horses.

Battery-operated foot board with handlebars.

Blister caused by herpes simplex near the lips.

English queen known as the Grandmother of Europe.

Longitude's partner.

Cut the edge of a lawn with a cordless one.

To prepare food so as to resist decomposition.

Yellow trumpet flower that blooms in early spring.

Heavily discounted, reduced in a sale.

Scrooge's first name in A Christmas Carol.

Puzzle 15

Starr, Mullen, Powell and Bonham and are all __.

What people type on.

Word-linking board game invented in 1938.

A small fashionable store.

Electric vehicle used in warehouses to move boxes.

Obama, once First Lady of the USA.

Worldwide police agency.

Headwear for Western heroes.

Wall hanger for outer garment when returning home.

Powered by wind, they charge battery banks.

All that does this is not gold.

Puzzle 16

Branch of mathematics with equations, e.g. x-2=6.

Device worn when playing virtual reality games.

Female distinguished pilot lost in Pacific.

A group of four musicians.

Chunks of gold.

Nottingham official who was Robin Hood's foe.

Wizard hero in The Lord of the Rings.

Month of All Hallows' Eve, or Halloween.

Changes made to improve a bad process.

The city where the Flintstones live.

Handheld game __, like a Game Boy.

A surgeon's extremely sharp knife.

Digits on one's hands.

Apprentice learning the ropes in a new job.

Turn over one of these, make a fresh start.

A king or queen; a hereditary ruler.

Puzzle 17

Home movie maker popular in the 1980s.

Percussion instrument with wooden block bars.

The study of all that is beyond our planet.

Forgiving legally.

It's no good crying over this.

Digestive organ that can be small or large.

Blonde Muppet who loves Kermit the frog.

Playground game with chalk squares to jump in.

Not on the guest list for a party.

A trial performance of a play without an audience.

Drawing, drafting, outlining.

The E in CEO.

Awake at night like an owl.

Medical device to regulate the heart.

Puzzle 18

Handheld tools for planting bulbs.

Kindle Paperwhite is an example of one.

Canary, lemon, and gold.

"It's always __ before the dawn".

Amusing, causing laughter.

Bible book that tells of Noah building wooden ark.

Made illegal tapes.

Popeye gets stronger when he eats this leafy green.

Band with Ringo, John, Paul and George, The __.

Once Britain's most popular sport.

Undead monster that turns into a bat.

Use this type of watch to track health.

Puzzle 19

Distance from side to side, width, thickness.

Use this electric knife to slice meat.

Ran, was in charge of.

Look Who's __, 1989 John Travolta romcom.

Handheld board that a painter uses to mix paints.

The cost of taking a plane trip.

Breakfast treats cooked with an iron.

She's Crazy in Love.

Carry-on, holdall; clutch, sports or duffle.

Law & Order: Special __ Unit, TV police show.

This electric device can tidy a beard.

The Green __, superhero named after glowing lamp.

Language spoken by residents of Rome, Venice.

Puzzle 20

US filmmaker, Helena Bonham Carter's ex-partner.

A bunch of batteries sold together.

In an unlawful way.

Man who tried to blow up the English parliament.

Process when stomach turns food into fuel.

Young plants.

Use this to read in the dark.

Wooden instruments played by flamenco dancers.

It's composed of swimming, cycling and running.

Rivers, streams, canals and brooks.

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